New Theatre


Antigone Continues II

The month of June has been a big one for ANTIGONE PROJECT X. Annie and I have been installed backstage at SF Playhouse running through ideas about sovereignty, family and what it means to mourn a criminal.

The big idea has taken shape. This ANTIGONE will be about what it feels like to have a brother, then lose him and not be able to mourn him. The play of ANTIGONE really comes in in the last third (not being able to mourn).

The first two thirds will comprise coin flipping and hand slapping games both from childhood and otherwise, along with some more Sophocles specific interacting between Antigone and Polynices. It's been so interesting to explore this rather overlooked, but central part of the Antigone story.

Both Annie and I have siblings, and we're thinking about the weird dynamics we shared with them -- especially how a game can become an argument, then the argument can become a wrestling match and suddenly a normal afternoon can become a serious mess.

Stay tuned for news on how our experiments proceed.

Becca Wolff