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One-Man Shows & the Brilliance of Alex Knox

In any one-man show, audience and performer face one another in an uniquely focused way. We have nowhere to look but at the performer. Whatever we desire of him — whether to be entertained or enlightened — is directed straight at him, while his expectations of an audience — laughter, tears, attentive ears — are focused straight at us.

Alex Knox has a particular gift for this kind of head-on performance. He never hides his gaze, and never hides from the gaze of the audience. He manages to always receive attention with grace.

In NO STATIC AT ALL, we have embraced this relationship by keeping the design and staging stripped-down. Alex is mission control — he is in charge of the theatrical space. He plays the records, he cues the lights. In this way, he can be completely engaged with his audience, responding in the moment to the ups and downs of their energy, as they respond to the ups and downs of his.

Working in Alex's Orange County living room last weekend, we created a new ending to the show based on a recent experience that brought him a new understanding of this journey he had undertaken. I felt a sudden relief at the closure we had found — not just for the story, but for the experience described within it. It was as if I myself had been searching for the answers that Alex was seeking. That is his gift, and the gift I hope this show gives audiences.

Becca Wolff