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THE BOOK CLUB PLAY by Karen Zacarias is a comedy. It’s also super meta


So meta!

It features a book (“The Book Club” by Ana Smith) within a documentary (“The Book Club” by Lars Knudsen) all within a play (“The Book Club Play” by Karen Zacarias).

Creating this Russian Doll of a world is the challenge that I’ve been at with set designer Michael Locher & sound designer Matt Stines, along with the whole Center Rep team, for the past 2 weeks. We are deep into the process of design for our Feb 2015 opening.

I’m really excited about what we’re coming up with. The experience of the play will let audiences leap between worlds. In the play, they will see into the private life of the book’s author, they will see the making of the documentary and the documentary itself.

This “shifting lens” feels like the truest depiction of life as I know it. I see the world through face to face interactions, but also through my Facebook timelines and Twitter feed. I experience the news of our day from my own point of view, but also through the NPR interview and the Instagram post. Like standing in a three-way mirror at a department store, I see parts of my world and myself that seem impossible to catch sight of, and I love that. Because sometimes you just need to see for yourself if the jeans are really too tight, or if that tattoo on your back REALLY suits you, or if you simply look flawless all over.


A Richard Rutledge classic

I’ve often wondered if others have this hall-of-mirrors experience of life, and Karen’s play makes me feel in great company!

Becca Wolff