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Antigone Continues

The ANTIGONE workshop at SF Playhouse was a great success, and we'll be returning to finish the piece this summer. Annie and I worked with the fabulous Joe Estlak in the role of Polynices, as well as sound genius Matt Stines and movement director Chris White. We created an intimate and eerie twenty minutes of material about the relationship of Antigone and her brother Polynices that goes to the heart of WHY a person would risk her life to bury a loved one.

Photo by DongYi Wu.

Photo by DongYi Wu.










We will continue to explore the material we created, including a rather haunting sequence in which the bodies of the two siblings intertwine in unexpected and unsettling ways. We look forward to returning to the massive blanket fort we created and to SF Playhouse. We have received such warm and intelligent support from Lauren and Bill English and Lit Manager Jordan Puckett.

More news to come!

Becca Wolff