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Tilted Field presents Drama School: School of Drama

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Drama School: School of Drama

a new webseries

Be real. Be Fake. Be Really Fake.

A look inside the lives of the eccentric graduates of the famed Drama School: School of Drama. Actor/director/writer/cater-waiter Sidney Kim created the series to reconnect with her theatrical roots, revive the spirit of the American Theater and have something to send casting directors.

Episode 1

sidney and smith

featuring: Teresa Avia Lim as Sidney Kim/Carter Gill as Smith John Smith

You guys know what the perineum is, right?

Episode 2

Melody and Ms. watson

featuring: Adria Vitler as Melody Cole/Liz Wisan as Lilly Watson

Passion is different from desperation.

Episode 3

Serge and oola

Featuring: Alex Major as Serge Rockwell/Caitlin Clouthier as Oola Tucker

Take these two fingers right here, and put them on your perenium.

Episode 4

sydney and sebastien

Featuring: Teresa Avia Lim as Sidney Kim and Brian Tyree Henry as Sebastien Oyelowo